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Study in University of Toronto From Bangladesh- Scholarships and Support

University of Toronto Quick Overview

Study in University of Toronto from Bangladesh- Scholarships and Support

Canada's most prestigious research university, the University of Toronto, was established in 1827. The university has an impressive track record of taking on insurmountable challenges and making a difference in the world.

When it comes to conducting groundbreaking research, one of the University of Toronto's greatest assets is its ability to attract outstanding faculty members from all around the world.

Their group is a driving force behind breakthroughs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) that have a positive impact on the world at large.

More than 640,000 U of T grads have made a positive effect on the world via their ideas, initiatives, creativity, and accomplishments.

More than a hundred awards and contests at various levels were won by the university and also its graduates. Starting with fantastic accommodations that are similar to a hotel through the availability of scholarships for international students in Canada, everything is provided to ensure that students have an excellent campus life experience.

Why Should You Choose the University of Toronto for Higher Education

While in Toronto, you'll find a world-class institution in an exciting city that brings together the past with the present while inspiring you to reach your highest goals. Here are some major reasons to consider this university for your future studies.

  • There are 18,631 international students among the 75,821 overall students.
  • The best institution for research employs 2,682 people who work solely on research projects.
  • 700+ undergraduate programs you can choose from.
  • Around 222 graduate programs for your higher study.
  • There are almost 560,000 alumni.
  • More than 800 clubs and associations.
  • Academic and research freedom.
  • Part-time job opportunities for international students.
  • Scholarships are available for international students Canada.
  • Easy PR opportunities for students.
  • Encourage student interests in every sector.
  • An exciting social life that you can never imagine.
Tuition and Living Costs in Canada are Reasonable

University of Toronto International Ranking and Awards


In the list of Best Global Universities, the University of Toronto is rated #16. Educational institutions are ranked based on their performance in a wide range of positions regarded as excellence factors. Also, the university is ranked #1 in Best Global Universities in Canada.


  • 12,248 bachelor's degrees have been awarded.
  • 5,826 master's degrees have been awarded.
  • 1,767 doctorate degrees have been awarded.

Notable Courses and Programs of the University of Toronto

There are 700+ undergraduate degrees offered by the University of Toronto, including Engineering, Computer Science, Physical & Mathematical Sciences, Life Sciences, Humanities & Social Sciences, Commerce, Management, Kinesiology & Physical Education, Music, and Architecture.

In addition, the University provides second-entry professional programs in education, pharmacy, law, nursing, dentistry, and medicine to students who already hold a bachelor's degree.

The school has been delivering these subjects on its three campuses – St. George, Mississauga, and Scarborough.

University of Toronto Scholarships Opportunities for Bangladeshi Students

University of Toronto Scholarships Opportunities for Bangladeshi Students

The University of Toronto provides around 4,000 admission scholarships to entering local and international students each year. This comprises the university's flagship scholarship program for international entrants- and Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program. This is the only full-ride scholarship they offer.

Student Accommodation and Job Facilities

The majority of them offer dormitory-style accommodations, however, some also offer shared apartment-style and hotel-style accommodations. There are also accessible accommodations facilities available.

The country allows all of its overseas students to work for a total of 20 hours in a single week during the trimester, year, or over the winter break. That means Bangladeshi students have more opportunities to work as well as get high-quality education as well.

Future Opportunities for Bangladeshi Students at the University of Toronto

The University of Toronto has the makings of a great place for Bangladeshi students for higher education in the future. An emphasis on development and research has produced notable results.

To put it simply, Canada is the top country in the world for life satisfaction. An internationally acclaimed education at the University of Toronto will be provided to students by world-class educators and instructors.

Canada's diverse communities will shape pupils' lives. It has many seasons, huge open spaces, plentiful wildlife, a clean and safe environment, and a good standard of living.

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Required standard score:

Grade point average: 3.6-4.0

SAT combined score: 1330 – 1500

ACT composite: 29-34

The University of Toronto welcomes qualified applicants from all over the world. Around 21% of international students come from 168 different countries and regions.

They only provide one full-ride scholarship: The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships. This scholarship is available for deserving international students.
The University of Toronto is ranked as the 16th best university in the world.
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