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Bachelor & Masters Study in University of Montreal from Bangladesh

University of Montreal - Quick Overview

Bachelor & Masters Study in University of Montreal from Bangladesh

Established in 1878, the University of Montreal has an academic history of 135 years. It has contributed significantly to the careful nurturing of knowledge in society.

The university had only three faculties then: the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine, and the Faculty of Medicine. Later in 1887, the Faculty of Arts was founded.

In 1873, the University of Montreal partnered with the Polytechnique School of Montreal for the first time. The success of the University escalated because of its affiliation with Canada’s very first School of Management, now known as HEC Montreal.

Some of the university’s significant historic throwback includes receiving its first Civil Charter from Quebec’s Legislative Assembly (1920), the inauguration of its official campus (1943), becoming a public academic and research institution (1967), taking the initiative for the needs of the female students (1976), founding of the Office of International Relation (1985), etc.

Why Should You Choose the University of Montreal for Higher Education?

The University of Montreal offers top-notch academic facilities for its students and is one of the best public research universities in Canada. Below are some reasons for which you should choose the University of Montreal:

  • One of the best public universities and research centers in Canada
  • Got top-notch campus and environment
  • Higher employability rate worldwide
  • Affordable tuition fees with scholarship facilities
  • There are 9500 international students among 66,768 students
  • Offers 250+ undergraduate and 350+ graduate programs
  • Work-Study Program for International Students

University of Montreal International Ranking and Awards

The University of Montreal has always been ranked globally among the best universities worldwide. Plus, it was always placed among the TOP 10 best universities in Canada.


The University of Montreal has been ranked in top positions worldwide. Internationally, the University of Montreal has been ranked 88th in Times World, 111th in QS World, 41st in Times Employability, and 151st in US News and World Report respectively.


  • Tuition waiver up to $12,465/year for international undergraduate students
  • Tuition waiver up to $9,787,95/year for international graduate students
  • Scholarship of amount $21,038/per year for international research students
Notable Courses and Programs of the University of Montreal

Notable Courses and Programs of the University of Montreal

The University of Montreal has 16 Faculties and 2 affiliate centers, and 3 academic institutions. Students, both Canadian and international, are enrolled in more than 600 undergraduate and graduate programs.

The main campus is located in Montreal, and the other campuses are situated in Saint-Hyacinthe, Lanaudiere, Laval, Longueuil, and Trois Rivieres, with another campus, MIL Montreal, newly opened in 2019.

  • Arts and Science
  • Dentistry
  • Education
  • Environmental Design
  • Kinesiology
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Optometry
  • Nursing
  • School of Public Health
  • Pharmacy

University of Montreal Scholarships Opportunities for Bangladeshi Students

The University of Montreal offers $978,795 worth of scholarships to international students. Moreover, their office of financial aid helps the student to get under the Work-study program. In this program, the students will be offered part-time jobs on campus.

Plus, the University of Montreal launched the new “exemption” of tuition fees on additional programs or activities for international students.

Student Accommodation and Job facilities

The University of Montreal offers off-campus housing alongside in-campus housing for international students. The university’s off-campus housing office will help international students get rooms or apartments near the campus with affordable rent.

The University of Montreal also helps with a one-year leasing system for the students. They are legally authentic with a lease amounting to $200-$300/year.

Opportunities for Bangladeshi Students at the University of Montreal

At the University of Montreal, Bangladeshi students will be given lifetime opportunities that will enable their skills and productivity.

First of all, the student ambassadors will be present to help the new students. Moreover, the International Student Office will be providing help to the newly arrived students.

University of Montreal’s Learning Support will help the new students adjust to their surroundings, alongside healthcare and psychological counseling services for the students there.

Apply at the University of Montreal


This program gives the students a headstart on all the core university classes.

Starting with welcoming the students at the airport to accommodation, work opportunities, and health services, the University of Montreal offers everything.

The University of Montreal is partnered with all the top universities worldwide hence accepts exchange students under the partnered criteria. However, it does not accept credit transfers for the Integrated Path Program.
The Canadian government has granted international students a work permit alongside their student visa since 2014. The students can work off-campus for 20 hours a week.
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