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Study University of British Columbia Canada from Bangladesh- Scholarships and Support

University of British Columbia at a Glance

Study University of British Columbia Canada from Bangladesh- Scholarships and Support

The University of British Columbia is one of the most distinguished public universities in British Columbia, Canada. The university was founded in 1908 and first opened its doors in 1915.

The Vancouver Campus and also the Okanagan Campus in Kelowna are the two primary campuses of this university. With over 85% of UBC enrollment, Vancouver is indeed the larger of the two campuses. In previous years, international students accounted for 23% of students on the Vancouver campus and roughly 13% of students on the Okanagan campus.

The University of British Columbia is world-class teaching, studying, learning, and research institution that is continuously listed in the top 20 public institutions across the globe. UBC encourages creativity and puts ideas into action. UBC has been providing incentives for youth with the passion, ambition, and vision to build a better world since 1915.

Why Should you Choose the University of British Columbia for Higher Education

  • The number of students enrolled is 56,921 people.
  • There are 19,262 international students enrolled in the university.
  • Academic staff totaled 2,894 individuals.
  • There are 1,245 members of international staff.
  • There are 884 people working solely in research.
  • 11,855 fresh undergraduate students are enrolled this year.
  • There are 1,969 new master's students this year.
  • Providing students with assistance in improving their English

University of British Columbia International Ranking and Awards


According to the Best Global Universities ranking, the University of British Columbia ranking or it has been ranked #35 in the world. Schools/Universities are ranked based on their overall performance throughout a set of widely acknowledged indicators of brilliance, which are used to determine their ranking.


  • 10,468 bachelor's degrees were awarded in the undergraduate category.
  • 2,965 master's degrees have been awarded in the Post-graduate category.
  • Doctoral degrees were awarded to 1,009 people individually.

Notable Courses and Programs of the University of British Columbia

There are more than dozens of academic departments on the Vancouver campus and eight educational departments on the Okanagan campus. The academic year on both campuses is categorized into three sessions, which are as follows: two-term Winter sessions and another being, summer sessions. Although summer sessions are optional for all levels of students.

University of British Columbia Scholarships Opportunities For Bangladeshi Students

For Bangladeshi students or you can assume for all international students, the University of British Columbia offers two types of scholarships.

  • Merit-based International Major Entrance Scholarship.
  • Outstanding International Student Award.

A total of $ 25,000 is spent on them on a per-year basis.

Student Accommodation and Job Facilities in Canada

Student Accommodation and Job Facilities


1st-year undergraduate students at the University of British Columbia are provided university housing. International students who have just been admitted and who are 2nd-year graduates are also given precedence in terms of housing. Accommodation is also available for students who are returning to university as undergraduates as well as graduate students.

Job Facilities:

Working on campus while international students attending UBC is not subject to the requirements of a work permit. For immigration purposes, your student visa or study permit allows you to do a job/work on-campus for an unrestricted number of hours so long as you get admitted to full-time studies.

Future Opportunities for Bangladeshi Students at the University of British Columbia

UCB is a research behemoth that invests extensively in its programs in order to recruit the brightest young scientists to the university. In comparison to other universities of equal repute, UBC provides extremely high-quality education for a substantially reduced subsidized tuition cost.

Along with cheap base tuition, outstanding students for research projects will be eligible for grants and awards in addition to the reduced base tuition. As a result, the University of British Columbia would be the best choice for those Bangladeshi students who wish to pursue a career in future research.

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In its "World University Rankings 2020," Times Higher Education recognized UBC as one of the most international student-friendly universities in North America.

An English language competency exam must be submitted with an application for the international students if English isn't the major language taught.

In comparison to other colleges, the University of British Columbia's acceptance rate for international students (including Bangladeshi students) is high, which benefits all eligible candidates.
The University of British Columbia (UBC) is regarded as a world leader in learning, teaching, and research.
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