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Study in McGill University with Scholarships from Bangladesh

McGill University Overview

Study in McGill University with Scholarships from Bangladesh

McGill University bore witness to many hurdles and successes over the past 200 years. The university’s founder James McGill with his 46-acre property and £10,000 worth of trust founded the Royal Institution of the Advancement of Learning before his death in 1813.

Although the institution was not operating properly and faced war hurdles, it was able to receive a Charter from King George IV in 1821. The institution itself started with 4 professors.

Later McGill College was opened with its very first Faculty of Medicine on 24th June 1829 and was finally started as McGill University in 1843.

McGill University holds a significant contribution to the Canadian education sector. Some important achievement of McGill University includes the Charter of Victoria College (University of Victoria) 1903, the incorporation of McGill University College of British Columbia (1908), the establishment of John Abbott College (1971), etc.

Why Choose McGill University for Higher Education?

McGill University is one of the best universities worldwide providing education that helps students contribute to the better good of society. The certificate granted by McGill University holds great importance for its student's future.

  • Houses international students from more than 150 countries
  • Offers more than 400 programs
  • Has more than 80 academic departments
  • Provides affordable cost of living and studying
  • Has international partnerships with more than 160 world-class university
  • Provides international student funding

McGill University International Ranking and Awards

McGill University is one of the leading universities globally, contributing significantly to the betterment of the education sector worldwide.


McGill University has been ranked 27th in the QS world ranking, 67th in ARWU World, 44th in Times World, 23rd in Times Employability, and 51st in World Report.


  • Offers scholarships to international students based on merit
  • Provides bursary for students with financial needs
  • Provides Bank of Canada Scholarships for international and indigenous students

Notable Programs and Faculties of McGill University

McGill University offers more than 400 programs and has 80+ departments to expand the educational knowledge of the students.

Some important faculties at McGill University include Education, Business, Economics, Environmental Science, Engineering, Humanities, Social Science, Healthcare, etc.

McGill University Opportunities for Bangladeshi Students

McGill University offers scholarship opportunities and bursaries for international students. McGill Financial Aid helps students to help with the exemption of tuition fees for significant semesters.

Secondly, the McGill University entrance scholarships for freshmen students alongside the work-study program to help with the expenses of students.

McGill University also offers Frugal Scholar Programs to help budget the student’s program and help with the available opportunities to help them graduate.

Accommodation and Job facilities at McGill University
Accommodation and Job facilities at McGill University

McGill University offers to house more than 3000 students with residential, off-campus, and leasing accommodation along with dining and catering services.

McGill University provides a study-work program for international studies, paid internships,s and helps with career hunting for graduate students.

Opportunities for Bangladeshi Students at McGill University

McGill University helps international students with peer advice, counseling, and medical services.

Also, McGill University Bangladeshi Students Association (BSA) is like a second home to Bangladeshi students outside Bangladesh. The association helps the freshmen to adjust to their new university student life and also helps with all the information to their confusion.

Apply Now


McGill University does not accept any changes after the submission of the application. It is possible to change your major or add a minor course before the submission deadline.

After the academic transcript evaluation, the students need to sit for an interview to get accepted.

McGill University offers financial aid and scholarships to international students. The Office of Financial Aid helps the students with the details of any bursaries or other aid.
McGill University’s Faculty of Medical Science does not accept any transfer students other than Year 1.
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