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Visa Processing

MCanada visa processing time is the most challenging part that Bangladeshi students face before studying abroad. Yes, it's understandable if you're concerned about the process.

Keeping this in mind, Maple Tree Education analyzes a comprehensive guide that will assist you in straightforwardly getting the procedure.

Have a look at Canadian student visa processing requirements below:

Canada Study Visa Requirements

Canada Study Visa Requirements

  • A confirmation letter from a recognized educational institution stating that you are accepted to study in Canada.
  • For the DLI to receive the acceptance letter, it should have a COVID-19 preparedness plan approved.
  • A Qu├ębec Acceptance Certificate is also required for students to enroll in Quebec.
  • It is necessary to provide evidence of financial backup for the application and whether any family members are coming to Canada with you.
  • Proof that, as a student, you have enough funds in your bank account to cover your education costs.
  • A Certificate of Medical Fitness (If required).
  • Certificate of Vaccination

Canada Student Visa Process

Canada Student Visa Process
  • The Canadian government analyzes the required application to ensure that students have all the documentation necessary. They can either reject it or ask for the missing documentation if it's lacking.
  • Students may be required to attend an interview with national officials and may be asked to present biometric information to clear the relevant clearances.
  • A residence permit also may be required for students from certain countries. However, this will be processed around the same period as the application for a study permit.
  • A 60-days personal checklist code is provided to students who are found to be eligible for the program, and they must use it to finalize their online application. Make a duplicate of the page with the code for reference in the future.
  • They'll also get application guidance, a tuition cost estimate, and a list of documents they'll need to submit with the student application. Students will receive their document checklists via email, permitting them to upload and transfer the documents to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).
  • Maple Tree Education will assist you with every step of the visa application process. Our highly experienced visa experts will guide you through the entire procedure, ensuring that you receive a visa successfully.
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