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University Admission Support

Maple Tree Education is a trusted consultancy firm with a demonstrated track record of guiding Bangladeshi students through the overall admission process and enrollment. We offer the following services.

University Admission Support by mapletree Edu

Extensive Admissions Knowledge

Selecting the best university and leading program for Bangladeshi students may be alluring. As admissions counsellors, we can give each student a wealth of information to assist them in selecting the best university for them.

Additionally, we help students identify the most relevant area or program for their preferences and lead them toward a university that suits their educational and personal requirements.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Study Abroad by mapletree Edu

Step-by-Step Instructions

We will assist you throughout the complete planning process. Our professional mentors precisely understand what practice and development distinguish a student. They can assist in creating a comprehensive plan for students that will provide them with a successful application.

As admissions consultants, we are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of every college/university entrance test and can guide students on which one is ideal for them. During the application process, we consult with each candidate to design a captivating application that usually works for them. We display the best possible level in Canada university admission.

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  • Mar 4th, 2022
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A great place for easier visa processing and increase chances of getting scholarship.

  • Feb 2nd, 2022
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An all-in-one, one-stop destination for students aiming for higher education in Canada.

  • Jan 18th, 2022
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