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Student Accommodation and Job Facility

According to recent research, Canada has been ranked as the world's second-safest country to study and live. Why? Since the community and society in Canada is greatly stronger, and students are offered numerous possibilities to learn while also working part-time, this country is a good choice. In this section, we will assist you in understanding the privilege of living and working in Canada. Take a look below:



Accommodation in Canada for international students is excellent! Because, Canada offers a high standard of living, well-developed transportation systems, and a wide range of employment opportunities for international students.

To live in this aesthetic country, we will assist our Bangladeshi students in finding affordable housing near the college/university. Also, we will help to find out which colleges offer on-campus housing for overseas students to supplement their studies.

Job Facility

Job Facility

Due to the enormous and diverse population of this multicultural country, the cultural milieu in which it exists is complicated. Working or doing a part-time job while studying in Canada is often an excellent way to gain valuable skills, better experience, and networks while still in college.

To help pay for their education while studying in Canada, students have the option of earning as a student assistant. Once students have graduated, Canada offers students a post-graduate work visa program that allows them to remain and work in the country for up to three years.

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